2018 Catalog: Santa Fe Auction


2018 Catalog: Santa Fe Auction


Brian Lebel's Old West Events Auction Catalog for the June 23rd, 2018 auction, held in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Hollywood: The Lone Ranger's Edward H. Bohlin Saddle Ensemble; Original Painted Glass Title Art for The Lone Range and Have Gun Will Travel; Original Matte Painting from "Have Gun - Will Travel" Television Show; Robert Redford's Saddle from "The Horse Whisperer"

Fine Art: Terri Kelly Moyers; James Bama; William Matthews; Jim Gruzalski; William A. Slaughter; Keith Christie, Dave McGary, Eric Michaels, Edward Grigware, William Moyers, John Moyers, Frank Hoffman

Saddles: Edward H. Bohlin Child's Hexagon Parade Saddle; The Lone Ranger's Edward H. Bohlin Saddle Ensemble; Keyston Bros. Silver Parade Saddle Set; Fancy Mexican Silver Saddle with Piteado Embroidery; Slim Green Parade Saddle Ensemble with Rodeo de Santa Fe History; Troy West (TCAA) Tooled Saddle; Custom Chas Weldon - R.A. Guthrie Saddle

Spurs: Jeremiah Watt; Kelly Bros. No. 90; Bill Heisman (TCAA); Mike Morales; Canon City; F.M, Stern; Gary Keithley; Crockett; L&M; Bill Adamson; McChesney; L.D. Stone

Firearms: Nimschke Engraved Colt Single Action Revolver, Exceptional Winchester 1866 Musket, Engraved Colt 1860 Army Revolver; Model 1875 Remington Revolver; Texas Ranger, Clint Peoples' Engraved Revolvers, Colt 1860 Army Revolver; Engraved Merwin & Hulbert 1st Model Single Action; Peter Gonter Jr, Indian Rifle; Merwin & Hulbert 1st Model Single Action; Rare Colt 1st Model Dragoon

Native American: Second Phase Navajo Concho Belt, Coin Silver Navajo Concho Belt Circa 1900; Santo Domingo Pottery Jar Circa 1900; Santo Domingo Necklace & Pottery from the Estate of Jose Reano, Governor of Santo Domingo Pueblo; Estate of Jose Reano, Governor of Santo Domingo Pueblo Circa 1910-1915; Teec Nos Pos Weaving Circa 1910-1920; Large 14” Zuni Painted Pottery Canteen with Stopper; Circa 1880s Plateau Horse Throw

Other: An Imposing and Remarkable Victorian Era Horn Hall Tree; Edward H. Bohlin Ladies Vest and Chaps; Fabulous Hunting Case Pocket Watch with Quartz Chain; Original Tin Sign from the Infamous Lincoln Saloon

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