2011 Catalog: High Noon Auction


2011 Catalog: High Noon Auction


High Noon Auction Catalog. January 29-30, 2011 - Mesa, AZ.

High Noon’s 21th Anniversary Auction of Cowboy, Native American, Vaquero, Historical, Hollywood and important items of the West. 
Includes the most diverse array of Edward H Bohlin pieces: saddles, martingales, bits, spurs, bridles, boots, gun rigs, gun grips, buckles, & hatband. 
This year features the Art Miller collection of Nudie The Tailor suits and spectacular Bohlin car accessories. 
Many fine Plains Indian pictorial pieces will be sold, including shirts, coats, dresses, moccasins, leggings, pipe bags, cradles, and Navajo rugs. Some of the top Native American artifacts: Sioux man’s pictorial beaded shirt, Plateau pony beaded dress, Sioux pictorial quilled dress, Cheyenne beaded cradle, Blackfeet tomahawk, Northern Plains beaded shirts, Sioux beaded and quilled bowcase with quiver, Sioux pictorial beaded vests, Kiowa beaded model cradle, Southern Plains beaded hightop moccasins and a Sioux beaded and quilled pictorial pipe bag.
Art from major Western artists, both deceased and living will be offered: Will James, Eric Michaels, Joe Beeler, John Coleman, Harry Jackson, John Hampton, William Henry Jackson, Edward Borein and others.
For the purist of Western collectors, there will be fine saddles, bits and spurs from Texas to California, ornate and rare Luis B Ortega pieces (including reins from the Katherine Haley Collection) and prison-made horsehair bridles, Jesus Tapia bit with Visalia headstall, Ralph Graham spurs, Edward Borein’s Charro jacket and vest, Luis B. Ortega’s bolo, Roy Rogers’ McCabe spurs with boot tops and gauntlets plus his Rose Parade boots, model 1892 Winchester 44-40 carbine made to be used in the 6th season of The Rifleman, Messing & Sons spurs, Star Spangled Banner boots made by the Hyer Boot Company, C. P. Shipley spurs and a salesman sample windmill
Important saddles include: Edward H. Bohlin (Hollywood Machris, Dick Dickson Jr,  and Taxin), Keyston Bros. Golden Gate model, Phillip Fredholm and an elegant Visalia.


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