2011 Catalog: Old West Auction


2011 Catalog: Old West Auction


Brian Lebel's Old West Auction Catalog.  June 25, 2011 - Denver, CO.

The only known photograph of Billy the Kid (the “Upham tintype”), a signed and numbered serigraph from Andy Warhol’s "Cowboys and Indians" series, and an extensive collection of new-to-market Buffalo Bill and Wild West memorabilia are among the highlights at Brian Lebel’s 22nd annual Old West Auction, June 25, 5pm at the Denver Merchandise Mart. 

The 130-year old tintype of Billy the Kid is the only authenticated photograph of The Kid known to exist, and is widely regarded as the most important photograph of the American West. Extensively studied and documented, the photograph is nearly as famous as its infamous subject. A tintype of Billy’s friend, Dan Dedrick (to whom Billy gave his tintype), is included in the lot, along with other photos and letters from the Dedrick family and their descendants. Another piece of history can be found in J.A. Garrett’s Colt Single Action, which has documentation linking it to the Johnson County War.

Fine Western art at this year’s sale includes an important Edward Borein watercolor, "California Vaquero", from the estate of noted Borein collector Katherine Haley. A rare, unpublished Will James watercolor will be offered, as well as a number of 1st edition Will James books with original drawings and signatures. The Old West Auction will offer its first ever Andy Warhol, the 1986 Mother and Child, signed and numbered "TP 18/36". Other Western artists to be offered include Harry Jackson, Will Crawford, Nick Eggenhofer, Ross Stefan, Eric Michaels, Remington Schuyler, Joe Beeler and Raphael Lillywhite. 

The personal collection of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West performer, Jordan Cottle will be offered for the first time, and includes a hand-drawn, hand signed, banner with original signatures from such noted Wild West performers as W.F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, Annie Oakley, Frank Butler, Johnny Baker and others. One of W.F. Cody’s personal pocket watches is for sale, as are original copies of the (unconsummated) divorce proceedings from his wife, Louisa Cody, in which a witness accuses her of trying to poison her famous husband. 

Fine saddles, spurs, bits, bridles and other cowboy items from noted names such as Bohlin, Visalia, Ortega, and Buermann will be offered. Native American artifacts for sale include a beaded Omaha man’s warshirt, pipe bags, Navajo textiles, parfleche items and Apache baskets. Hollywood cowboy items include a John Wayne movie hat and “The Lone Ranger,” Clayton Moore’s Colt Single Actions. 

A full color catalog is available for purchase, and Internet, phone and absentee bidding are available. The live auction is held in conjunction with the 22nd annual Old West Show, an expo-style sale with 200 national dealers in Western antiques, art and merchandise. 

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