The Only Known Photograph of Billy the Kid

The Upham tintype or ferrotype, 3" x 2". Photographer unknown, c. late 1879 or early 1880.
It is the only authenticated photo of Billy the Kid, most likely taken by a traveling photographer in Fort Sumner New Mexico. This lot will sell with the following Dedrick / Upham family items: (Various spellings of "Dedrick" as per handrwritten notations with photos.) a) 1879 Tintype of Dan Dedrick , 3 5/8” x 2 3/8” at top, 2 1/4” at bottom; b) 1892 Photo of Dan Dedrich, cabinet card image of Dan by Ramsdell, no backstamp; c) 1919 Photo of Dan Dedrich, cabinet card image with backstamp of “A.E.Smith – Art-Gallery – Socorro, N.M.; d) 1936 Photo of Dan Dedrick, snapshot on glossy paper, 4 3/4” x 3; e) 1898 Photo of Mose Dedrick with Della Williams. Inscribed on reverse, “Compliments of Mose Dietrich & Della Wiliams to Mr. & Mrs. Upham – Jan 5 1898” front bottom stamped S.A.Waite – Emporia, Kansas, 4 x 5 3/4” image; f) 1907 Photo of Sam Dedrick, 3 3/16” x 4 5/8” unmounted, Identified on reverse in pencil; g) One-page statement of provenance by Frank L. Upham 6/17/1949: Weaverville, Cal. June 17 - 1949 This Tin type of William Bonnie (Billey the Kid) was given to Dan Dedrick by Billie in 1879, Dan gave it to Frank L. Upham (his nephew) in 1930. Frank L. Upham gave it to Elizabeth Upham (his daughter in Law) 1949 Frank L. Upham h) Two, one-page statements by Frank L. Upham 6/17/1949 regarding the Dedrick Bros. Weaverville Cal. June 17 - 49 Sam Dedrich lost his right arm near the shoulder when he was 12 years old, never pocked a gun in his life, run a livery barn at White Oak N.M. at the time of Lincoln Co war, saved Billey a few times by hideing him, or furnishing him and his men horses when needed. When Pat Garrison was killed it opened up the old fude they clame Sam was shot by a Mexican over a saddle, but take note it was only a shot time after Pat was killed until they got uncle Sam. They got Uncle Mose a year later. The Jordan it mentions in Sams death notice was Billie Wilson he had paid his debt to sosiety, had a ranch of his own but spent a lot of his time with Uncle Sam Photo taken 1896 other on 1907 Frank L. Upham Waterville Cal. June 17th 1949 The true name of the 3 Dedrick Bros. was Detrich They had it change to Dedrick when the went to N.M. during the Lincoln Co war Dan had a ranch on Bosque River (think mispelt mane of river) he fought in the battle when McSweeny house was burnt, he caried a 44 ball in his left arm above elbow for rest of his life that got in that fight , Pat Garret does not mention him being in it but he was. Tin Tipe taken in N.M. 1878. photo in 1819 Kodac taken in 1936 Frank L. Upham.

Brian Lebel's Old West Auction - June 25, 2011
SOLD $2,300,000