Wonderful Sioux Pictorial Beaded Jacket

Lot 257: Sioux Pictorial Beaded Jacket

Wonderful Sioux beaded and fringed jacket or scout coat. On native tanned hide, with extraordinary pictorial elements on both front and back. With fringe and beads at the seams, and fastened with U.S. military brass buttons. Wonderful pictorial beadwork includes pipes, morning stars, dragon flies, buffalo, birds, and other symbols and images. Areas of red ochre pigment along shoulders and in protected areas. Beaded in a geometric design at the color, cuffs, down the arms and along the bottom. Sinew sewn. A fine example. Circa 1890s. 

Pictured: “A Beading Heart - The Bob and Lora Sandroni Collection,” page 130.

Brian Lebel's Old West Auction - June 11, 2016
Sold $69,000