Sioux Pictorial Pipe Bag

A bold and wide Sioux tobacco bag with Native Warriors in full headdress on horseback, on light blue beaded background. Beaded panels are 9" x 7 1/2" with 5" long red quilled section containing turquoise and orange rectangles. The 14" fringe completes the bag making it 37" overall.

Lot 180, Brian Lebel's Mesa Auction - January 21, 2017
Sold $8,850

Rare Scout Jacket

Lot 254: Sioux Quilled Jacket

A very seldom seen example of an early Scout jacket. With finely executed quilled designs in bright colorful designs and symbols including birds, flowers, crosses and crossed American flags on the sleeves. Trimmed in fringe, with remnants of blue silk trim at the edges. Cotton lining. Wonderful fringe along the arms, shoulders and down the center of the back.  Circa late 19th century, 30" tall, 15" wide, 22" sleeves. Front shows fading to quillwork, but the back is bright and beautiful. 

Brian Lebel's Old West Auction - June 11, 2016
Sold $3,540

Striking Sioux Dress

Lot 187: Lakota Sioux Beaded Hide Dress

Striking Sioux dress on native tanned hide with traces of red pigment. Geometric design beadwork on the blue yoke in white-heart red, amber, blue, yellow and black. Fringe drops at beaded accents adorn both sides. The dress measures 56" at it longest length, 45" shoulder to shoulder with 3" fringe on chest, arms and the body of the dress.
Ex: Jim Strouse Collection - Golden, CO

Brian Lebel's High Noon Auction - January 23, 2016
Sold $17,250

Beadwork and Quillwork

Lot 88 - Plains Quilled Breastplate
Wonderful breastplate constructed with quillwork instead of bone. Cotton and silk trim, studs and tin cones. Circa late 1880s.
Brian Lebel's Old West Auction, June 6th, 2015
SOLD  $9,200

Lot 81 - Sioux Horse's Neck Drape
Fully beaded horse's neck drape, with American flag and buffalo horn motif. Striking and scarce. Circa 1880s-90s.
Brian Lebel's Old West Auction, June 6th, 2015
SOLD $28,750