Copy of Will James Illustrated Letter to Jack Connolly


Copy of Will James Illustrated Letter to Jack Connolly


Lot 195

Illustrated letter
Ink on paper
11" x 8 1/2" 
Framed 19 1/2" x 17"
Exhibition labels on reverse

EX: Decker Collection

Absolutely wonderful and important illustrated letter from Will James to the famous Montana saddlemaker, Jack Connolly, concerning Connolly’s newest saddle design, the “Knee Action”. Illustration of James himself, in his boots and spurs, using an oil can to oil up his own knee, and the following text:

“Pryor, Montana
Sept 14/34

Dear Jack –
     Most of us are pretty hard headed when it comes to new ideas, specially about saddles – I was dubious when I first seen your new rig you call the “Knee Action” and if it wasn’t that you’re such a doggone good cuss I’d laughed – But I held my horses, and now that I’ve studied the rig more I see how practical and sensible it is, and it’s sure a wonder that such a rig hasn’t been thought of long ago, but you done it, Jack—
     I see now where the Knee Action rig sure affects a saddle all over for the good and comfort of man and horse – The tree is smoother on the horse’s back and fits him closer and don’t need much cinching – The rider is also closer to his horse, and the way the stirrup leathers hang, there’s no lump under the leg, no ring sores for the horse and a knee action that’ll make any cowboy wonder –
     But what the samhill is the use of me telling you about it – but I just had to have my say, and now please find enclosed my order for one Knee Action rigged saddle, and I don’t think I’ll have to oil up my joints anymore before and after riding –
     Congratulations on the Knee Action, Jack. It’s sure, sure a humdinger, and I know that all the cowboys and saddle horses will feel mighty grateful to you –
     Yours Sincerely, WILL JAMES”

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