OUR HISTORY: Brian Lebel founded the Cody Old West Show & Auction over 25 years ago in Cody, Wyoming as a small gathering of people who were buying, selling and trading in the antiques and artifacts of the American cowboy and the American West. Brian believed that more people would appreciate these great artifacts if only they were aware of what was available. So he launched his own event and has been growing it ever since. The Cody Old West Show & Auction was held in Cody for 19 years before moving in 2009 to Denver, Colorado. It was in Denver that the show began hosting the National Bit, Spur and Saddle Collectors Association's (NBSSCA) annual "Mark of the Makers" contest. In June, 2015, Brian Lebel’s Old West Show & Auction will celebrate its 26th annual event at its new home, the Amon G. Carter Jr. Exhibit Hall at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas. 

In Spring of 2014, Brian and his wife Melissa acquired the High Noon Show & Auction, held every January in Mesa, Arizona. Entering its 25th consecutive year, the Mesa event will continue its long tradition of showcasing outstanding dealers and exceptional auction items. Brian Lebel’s High Noon Show & Auction is also proud to continue hosting the annual Traditional Cowboy Arts Association's (TCAA) “Emerging Artists Competition” as part of the weekend festivities. With two annual shows and two annual auctions, Old West Events is the single best source for buyers, sellers, dealers, collectors, and enthusiasts of the arts and antiquities of the American West.

Brian Lebel

Brian Lebel – Founder, Director
Brian Lebel has been in the western collecting business since opening his Old West Antiques gallery in Cody, Wyoming over 30 years ago. He spent his childhood on the east coast, but as a young man made his way to Wyoming to try life as a cowboy, which he loved. Brian developed a fascination with, and appreciation for, the cowboy trappings he encountered, and the first time someone paid him $300 for a pair of Crockett spurs, he was hooked. (He still owns the first pair of spurs he ever bought.) Now he runs the two largest Western Americana collecting events in the country, performs appraisals for private collectors and major museums, and consults with clients from around the globe. He prides himself on his reputation for honesty, quality and authenticity in all his dealings. brian@oldwestevents.com


Sharlene Evans

Sharlene Loomis - Auction Manager
Sharlene Loomis (Evans) worked her first Cody Old West Auction the very last year it was held in Cody and hasn’t missed one since. We are thrilled that she finally agreed to join us as a full-time member of the team. She has a long history of working in arts and antiques in general, and the auction world in particular, and brings a technological savvy to those endeavors that is much needed in our industry. In fall of 2014, Sharlene launched her own custom line of jewelry, which she both creates and produces. Direct all of your auction inquiries to her at 505-465-9378 or sharlene@oldwestevents.com.




Pete Erickson - Firearms Consultant
Old West Events is proud to retain the services of Pete Erickson of Frontier Americana of Fargo as our firearms consultant and licensed FFL dealer. Pete has over 30 years experience dealing with historic, antique and modern firearms, and is a well-respected dealer in all of the guns and gear of the American frontier. Pete has sometimes been referred to as "Brian's bodyguard" and though neither man will admit that is true, neither of them denies it either. If you have questions about any firearms offered in our shows or auctions, you may contact Pete directly at pete@oldwestevents.com or call him at his gallery in Fargo, North Dakota at 701-241-4440. 




Melissa McCracken - Media Relations
Melissa met Brian while working in a Native American antiquities gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2007, and the two have been pretty much inseparable ever since. Melissa has an extensive background in writing and editing, and is responsible for press and media relations for both Old West Events and Old West Antiques. Contact her for press materials, photographs, editorial submissions and other press and media communications. She can be reached at 480-779-WEST (9378) or melissa@oldwestevents.com




Troy Black, Black and Associates Auctioneers, Inc. - Auctioneer
Black and Associates has been in the auction business since 1979, and Troy Black started his auctioneer career in 1989 while still a junior in high school. Troy and his crew have been conducting both the Old West Auction and the High Noon Auction for over a decade, while maintaining an impressive schedule of over 150 total auctions on average per year. Troy and his crew have a true affinity for what they do and the clients they serve, both bidders and sellers. Their mission is to bring buyers and sellers together in a non-threatening environment and to always work with honesty and integrity. (That must be why we all get along so well.) Learn more at www.auctionsbyblack.net.


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