Rex Schnitger (1977-1947) Spurs

A massive pair of double-mounted Wyoming collector spurs with 1" wide Cheyenne split heelbands, each adorned with three of Schnitger's trademark 8-pointed domed buttons. The 3" spiked shanks with 5 angled inlays each with snowflake engraving supporting a stunning, oversized 34-point iron rowels fronted by an exquisitely engraved silver washer repeating the 8-pointed star theme. The straps are newer lined dove wing style with 3" scalloped conchos. A true show-stopper and probably one the best pair of Rex Schnitger spurs to surface at auction in recent memory. Outstanding condition, circa 1930s.

Provenance: From the Estate of Larry Howard

Lot 261, Brian Lebel's Mesa Auction - January 21, 2017
Sold $20,700

Very classic Cheyenne heel band spurs by noted maker Rex Schnitger. Silver inlays in straight and diamond engraved patterns, pointed 3” shanks, 2 1/2", 18-point rowels with punched spokes. Straps are scarce, EATONS RANCH / WOLF WYOMING maker-marked with the Eaton rope and arrow brand. A true Rocky Mountain spur set.

Lot 263, Brian Lebel's Mesa Auction - January 21, 2017
Sold $4,313