Luis B. Ortega Collection

Luis B. Ortega braided rawhide, five-piece collection, custom made for Lillian E. Goedert (1929-2013) of Hesperia, California.  Lillian ordered this set directly from Luis at the Southern California horseshow. The fine set is comprised of: 
a) Ortega Headstall: Double headband with gaucho stitch, five buttons on each cheek, red accents, fine condition and patina; 
b) Ortega Show Reins: 3/8” reins with ½” romal. Reins measure 43” and romal measures 30”. Adored with natural, tea-stained and red knots in varying dimensions. Inside popper carved with the initials “LEG” for Lillian E. Goedert.  Fine condition;
c) Eduardo Grijalva (EG*) silver mounted bit;
d) Ortega Show Hobbles:  Braided natural rawhide with center red stitching and red interweaves on the buttons. Excellent condition;
e) Ortega Signed Reata: All natural rawhide 3/8” in diameter measuring 26’ overall with red interweaves. Signed on the hondo L B ORTEGA on one side and LILLIAN G on the other. Excellent condition.

Lot 136, Brian Lebel's Mesa Auction - January 21, 2017
Sold $5,605