Remington 1861 with Bob Younger History

A rare Remington Model 1861, (Eliot's Patent) Navy Percussion Revolver with Possible Younger Brothers History. Includes Bob Younger cabinet card. 

S/N 15395, 7 3/8" barrel, shipped 1862; known as the "Old Model Navy". A very interesting revolver with field repair and notable Remington factory features. The barrel bears the correct 2-line Beals Patent address. The trigger guard is brass and is mounted with 2-piece walnut grips. 

The cylinder pin of this particular model was unusual for a Remington percussion revolver in that the pin is not retained by the loading lever but instead is allowed to slide in a groove between loading lever and barrel. This was Eliot’s design, with the idea of a more rapid reloading. The design was faulty however, and Remington quickly designed a “screw fix” for the problem. This particular revolver was not outfitted with this Remington retrofit, but rather was “field repaired,” which would likely have been accomplished by a gunsmith. It has been suggested that it is this repair that Younger refers to in the account, “The Story of Cole Younger.”

Inside the left grip is scratched, "B YOUNGER / 1867 / L.S. Mo." Inside the right grip is scratched with the date "1867" and "Lee Sumit Mo." [sic] Included in the lot is a handwritten and signed letter from Charles B. Layson dated 1/13/1997, on his letterhead, that reads: “The Remington “Beals” Navy .36 revolver, serial # 15395 that I recently sold to Ted Bell, was purchased by me from an individual that came to our store with several family guns to sell, on or about July 15, 1996. Not until our gunsmith removed the grips while cleaning the gun, did he see the marking, BOB YOUNGER 1867. The seller had not mentioned this marking, and apparently had no knowledge of its existence.” 

Also included is a letter summarizing a scientific analysis of the grips performed by McCrone Associates, Inc. dated June of 2000. The letter details the results of the analysis, but ultimately cannot ascribe a date to them, or the interior grip inscription. It does, however, seem to indicate that the inscription had been there for at least some period of time.

The lot is accompanied by a period lithograph cabinet card of Bob Younger.

Lot 258, Brian Lebel's Old West Auction - June 10, 2017, Fort Worth.
Sold $6,490