Sharps Buffalo Rifle

S/N C45530 (matching on barrel), .45 x 2 7/8 .45 caliber, (marked Calibre) “Meacham” conversion of a percussion Sharps rifle. 1 ½ inches across the muzzle, 30 inch octagon barrel, military style stock, double set trigger, “Old Reliable” on barrel, Lawrence rear sight, copper blade front sight, circa late 1870s. Weighs 17 pounds. Condition:  bore is excellent, plum brown barrel, frame has 20% silvered case colors, small filled area in checkering on left wrist, small chips in fore arm, excellent mechanically.

Lot 140, Brian Lebel's Old West Auction - June 10, 2017, Fort Worth.
Sold $8,260.

After the dissolution of the Sharps Rifle Co, The E. C. Meacham & Co, seeing a ready market, produced a number of rifles using surplus U.S. Sharps actions converted to center fire, and parts from the Sharps Company.