Visalia Stock Saddle Co. Spurs


These are Visalia's No. 81 fine California spurs with swell bands, intricate inlays and flat sided 2 1/4" shanks. The 10-point, 2" rowels have chevron chased points. Stamped inside heelband: "VISALIA STOCK SADDLE CO." Amazing condition and all original. As-new but no original finish remaining. Per Griff Durham, the leading Visalia authority, "Most Visalia iron was marked with a gang stamp, but they had so many contract makers some may not have had one provided and, as in this case, marked their work with individual letter stamps with the inevitable uneven results. Gutierrez, for example, used individual stamps for his maker's stamp, not all of the same scale in some cases.”

EX: Bill and Marilyn Lenox Collection.

Lot 156, Brian Lebel's Old West Auction - January 20, 2017, Mesa, AZ.
Sold $5,310