Rare Gus Goldberg "Elko Star" Spurs with Bit


Stunning California spurs marked inside the heelband, "Gus Goldberg / Sacramento, Cal / J E" for Juan Estrada. An important and sought-after pattern with a matching unmarked bit. A very important pair of spurs by a scare maker, with an even scarcer maker mark. The bands are 1 3/8" at the widest and the shank which holds the 2 1/4", 14-point rowel is 3" long. The original straps are mounted with 2 1/4" domed cut-out star conchos. The condition is spectacular with very slight signs of wear, one small piece of silver missing from the top of one 5-point star. A similar pair of spurs in this pattern are noted in “Bits & Spurs in the Vaquero Tradition” by Ned & Jody Martin on page 194: "These extremely rare spurs were made by John Estrada. The Moorish star and crescent moon motifs embellish these exquisite spurs."

The bit has the typical Estrada amazing engraving with a loose jaw spade, copper covered braces, double slobber chains and the laid-in cut-out star.

The set remains all original. The verbal history is that the whole set came from a ranch family that purchased them from the Goldberg Saddlery directly. They were pioneers to the Mother Lode region of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. Circa 1921 - 1925.

Gustave Goldberg (1872-1942) / Juan Jose (John) Estrada (1865-1942)

Lot 607, Brian Lebel's Old West Auction - January 25-26, 2019. Mesa, AZ.
Sold $38,350.