The Personal Photo Album of John Wesley Hardin, Including Two Images of Hardin


Thirteen total images included, consisting of nine tintypes, two CDVs, and two albumen photographs. Album measures 3 5/8" x 5” x 3/4" thick overall. Embossed leather cover, "J. H. Swain" (a Hardin alias). Each family member is identified in pencil beneath the photograph, in Hardin’s hand. Written in pencil on the inside front cover: “1876”. A loose tintype of Fred Dederstadt is laid into the front of the album.

Provenance: Descended through the Hardin family. From Amanda Clements, the daughter of John Wesley Hardin’s cousin, Joe Clements; to her son, Joe Hardin Clements; to Robert McNellis; to Robert McCubbin.

Accompanied by a signed letter by Robert McNellis detailing the provenance of the album and how he came to have possession of it.

The photographs are as follows, with the names that are written on each page of the album:

a) Tintype of Fred Duderstadt, 2 1/2" x 2" in the original 4" x 2 1/2" paper sleeve (separate from album). Nereus Baldwin, Wichita, Kansas photographer’s imprint on verso. Written in ink on verso, “Fred married Hettie Tennillo mother’s sister”. Also written on verso in pencil, “Fred C Duderstadt”.

b) Tintype of Jane Hardin (daughter). "Little Jane".

c) CDV of Mannen Clements"Mannie C."

d) Tintype of John Wesley Hardin. "J.W. Abalene [sic] 1871". The only known original in existence.

e) Tintype of John Wesley Hardin, Jr. “Little John”.

f) Tintype of Jane Hardin (wife). “Dear Jane”

g) Tintype of Jane Hardin (daughter). "Jane". (oval)

h) CDV of Hardin’s Mother. “Mother H”.

i) Tintype of John Wesley Hardin, Jr. and Mollie Hardin. “J.W.H. Jr. & Mollie”.

j) Albumen photograph of Hardin’s Father. “Daddy H”.

k) Tintype of Ham Anderson. “Ham A.”

l) Tintype of Joe Hardin. “Brother Joe.” Both Ham Anderson and Joe Hardin would be killed in the Sutton/Taylor Feud violence. The Hardin Family fought on the Taylor side.

m) Albumen photograph of John Wesley Hardin. "John Swain / 1875".

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