Engraved Winchester Model 1866 SRC


S/N 149940, .44 c.f. caliber, 20 inch barrel, 4th model saddle ring carbine. Receiver is smooth aged brass color with excellent geometric and scroll engraving (see example on page 118 in Madis book), small, neat “LDN” on bottom of frame. The carbine wood with brass butt plate is deep, almost red walnut. Circa 1878. Condition: bore is very good with scattered black powder oxidation, barrel and tube are mottled plum with shades of silver coming through. The receiver is just the right color, and the wood is sound with scattered use dings, the worst being a “dent” on left of fore arm. Action is smooth, and markings are excellent.

Lot 214, Brian Lebel's Old West Auction - January 20, 2017, Mesa, AZ.
Sold $18,880


Little Sure Shot

Lots 153: Annie Oakley’s Personal 20 Gauge Parker Brothers Shotgun

Annie Oakley Parker Brothers Shotgun manufactured by Parker to Annie’s specifications. *S/N 181313, 20 gauge, 27” barrels, with special safety device mounted on left side of receiver, 15 1/4" buttstock, steel front bead, GH Grade. CONDITION: Bright bores, 95% barrel blue, 40% case color on frame, checkering and engraving still strong, walnut stock cracked and repaired at wrist. Brass inscription plate on stock reads: “Annie Oakley to Curtis Liston 12, 25, 18.” Curtis was a fellow Buffalo Bill’s Wild West performer, and friend of Annie and Frank Butler. She gifted him the gun for Christmas 1918. 

PROVENANCE: Ex: Michael Del Castello Collection

Literature: Pictured, page 137, “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West; An American Legend” by R. L. Wilson with Greg Martin, Random House, New York, 1998. Pictured: “US Steel News”, October 1950, in an article about Curtis Liston that includes an image of him holding the shotgun (publication included in lot). 

Brian Lebel's Old West Auction - June 11, 2016
Sold $195,500

Lot 152: Annie Oakley’s Personal Hotel Trunk

A classic travel trunk from Annie Oakley’s personal collection, descended through her family. Stenciled on top: “Annie Oakley. / Hotel.” Iron-bound hardwood, 13 1/2" x 38" x 21". 

PROVENANCE: Ex: Don Blakeley Collection (Annie was his great-aunt); to Cody Old West Auction 2009; to current owner.

Brian Lebel's Old West Auction - June 11, 2016
Sold $19,550