Keyston Bros. Silver Parade Saddle Set


Stunning, custom, engraved and impressively mounted sterling saddle ensemble by Keyston Bros., the great San Francisco maker. A full parade outfit with heavy breast collar, bridle and sterling mounted Crockett bit. All in the posse style design of 5-point stars and gold horse heads. 15 1/2" seat, full covered 4" cantle with rope edge, twisted and braided leather strings and 22" tapaderos. The leather is tooled in a fine flower and acorn pattern. Seat plate engraved "L.H. Strong". Bridle marked 14K. Listed in the 1948 Keyston catalog as Saddle #1, The Diamond "K". 

The saddle was originally custom ordered from Keyston by L.H. Strong of Salt Lake City, who later sold it to Tom Peck, who sold it to the current owner. 

Lot includes a copy of the page from the Keyston catalog, as well as a color copy of the cover of “Utah Horse” where the saddle is pictured being ridden in by the then-Governor of Utah, Scott Matheson. 
Collection of Jim and Jane Carpenter, Colorado.

Lot 181, Brian Lebel's Old West Auction - June 23rd, 2018, Santa Fe, NM.
Sold $13,570

Keyston Bros. (San Francisco) Silver Saddles


Keyston Bros. Parade Saddle Set
A very nice sterling and gold parade saddle ensemble by Keyston Bros., of San Francisco. 5-point stars in the style of sheriff's posse mountings, with 14K gold rope and horse heads throughout the set. The matching bridle and martingale also have the same elaborate engraving and raised stars and horse heads. Diamond pattern sterling mounts over the floral tooled leather. The strings have the extra special touch of braided leather and the stirrups have parade drops. The cantle on the 14 1/4" seat has a rope edged Cheyenne roll, and the horn is 4 1/8" across and fully silver covered. Cantle plate is engraved "Howard Marks 1948". The bridle holds a fully overlaid Crockett bit.

Lot 168, Brian Lebel's Old West Auction - January 20, 2017, Mesa, AZ.
Sold $6,655


Keyston Bros. Sterling Parade Saddle Set
Complete parade ensemble by Keyston Bros. San Francisco. Set includes saddle, martingale and bridle with a Diablo silver bit. The fully flower-carved saddle is mounted with sterling disk conchos, 3” corners, silver covered swells, silver covered 3 1/2" cantle, and sterling mounted 22” tapaderos. Bucking horse conchos on taps, and star and diamond motifs. Engraved silver plate on back of cantle, “M.S. Hansen”. 14” seat. Maker marked. The matching bridle is complimented with gold horse heads on the scalloped conchos and face drop. The martingale has a central posse style star with horse head. Most of the mountings are original, though there are some added pieces to dress-up the set. 

Lot 87, Brian Lebel's Old West Auction - January 20, 2017, Mesa, AZ.
Sold $5,310

Keyston Bros San Francisco, Exhibition Saddle


Exquisite and historically significant, fully floral-carved pictorial saddle made by the renowned Keyston Bros of San Francisco. An elaborate, one-of-a-kind creation for exhibition in Keyston’s booth at the Golden Gate International Exposition of 1939, a World’s Fair held on San Francisco’s Treasure Island to commemorate the city’s two new bridges and its Western legacy. 

The stunning, intricately carved, sterling silver-mounted saddle with gold horse heads, was crafted to celebrate and illustrate the history of the new frontier and particularly, California. Stories are told through exquisitely tooled two-tone raised pictorial scenes that adorn the entirety of the saddle. These include scenes of the Golden Gate Bridge, the California Missions & Father Junipero Serra, gold miners, Indians, the Pony Express, early pioneers and settlers who made the arduous trek west in their Conestoga wagons (prairie schooners), Buffalo Bill, Indians hunting buffalo on the prairie, sail boats on San Francisco Bay, drivers and passengers who traveled West by stagecoach, and the historic discovery of gold at Sutter Creek in 1848.

The saddle is truly a singular work of art that needs to be seen to truly be appreciated, which is only appropriate given that it was crafted specifically for exhibition.  It has resided in a private Southern California collection for many years. 

Accompanying the lot is the “Official Guide Book” from the Golden Gate International Exposition 1939. It lists the famous saddle maker on page 48 under the “EXHIBITS / VACATIONLAND” as “KEYSTON BROTHERS: A real ‘Trading Post’ with saddles and equipment.”   

Lot 265, Brian Lebel's Mesa Auction - January 21, 2017
Sold $115,000

Victor Alexander Parade Saddle Set with Keyston Bros. (San Francisco) Silver Mountings

Black, floral carved sterling silver mounted parade saddle with 21" long tapaderos, original black and white wool corona, 14” seat and inset sterling seat-plate stamped, “Victor Alexander - Hayward, Calif.” Saddle is heavily adorned with domed and scalloped Keyston Bros conchos in varying sizes, plus sterling swells caps and exquisitely engraved, fully silvered, heavy gauge 3 1/2" high cantle. Ensemble includes Bridle with Fleming Bit and maker-marked Keyston Bros (San Francisco) silver plus matching Breast Collar. Fine, very ridable condition, circa 1940-42.

Lot 58, Brian Lebel's Mesa Auction - January 21, 2017
Sold $22,420