Texas Ranger, Clint Peoples' Engraved Revolvers


A fine pair of engraved Smith & Wesson revolvers, police-used by famed Texas Ranger, U. S. Marshal and career lawman, Clint Peoples. In a letter (included) dated September 11, 1973, Peoples writes:
“[t]he oilfield boom days were considerably rough. Murderers, racketeers, gamblers, hijackers, prostitutes, burglars, and all types of criminals moved into this area, which caused many trying times for those of us in law enforcement. I carried these pistols through the Conroe oil field boom days and have since carried these on many occasions in the Ranger Service. These pistols during this very rough era have saved my life on several occasions.”

*S/N 12975, .44 caliber, First Model Hand Ejector or Triple Lock Smith & Wesson revolver. Silver plated and engraved with running buffalo, regal elk and fine scroll-work. Pearl grips with carved steerhead. 
*S/N 32586, .44 caliber, Hand Ejector Model 1926 Smith & Wesson revolver. Silver plated with engraving that matches the other revolver, but with a Texas Ranger seal engraved in place of the customary S&W logo. Plain pearl grips. 
a) Letter addressed to Clint Peoples from Smith & Wesson historian R.G. Jinks; b) Affidavit from Donna Peoples testifying that they are her husband’s revolvers; c) a fascinating one-page letter from Clint Peoples on Texas Rangers letterhead regarding his career and the two revolvers; d) copy of the book "Captain Clint Peoples Texas Ranger: Fifty Years a Lawman," by James M. Day.
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Lot 203, Brian Lebel's Old West Auction - June 23rd, 2018, Santa Fe, NM.
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