Original Tin Sign from the Infamous Lincoln Saloon.


This original hand painted outdoor tin sign, complete with side panels and peak, is from the Lincoln Saloon, circa 1881. Directly from the dusty streets of Lincoln, the sign hung outside the Lincoln Saloon, located directly across the street from the Courthouse where Billy the Kid shot and killed Pat Garrett's deputies, James Bel and Robert Ollinger, while escaping from jail. 

Shown in numerous photos taken in the 1880s and over the years, the sign stood sentry over all manner of Wild West escapades. In apparent un-restored condition. Comprised of 7 separate pieces, the “Lincoln Saloon” painted portion measures 25” tall, and 96” long including the side panels; the peak and embossed lower panel, combined with the rest, measure just over 22 feet wide (267”) by 9 feet tall. A well-preserved and historic piece of Old West architecture and history, it is a classic example of, “if this thing could talk…”

Lot 23, Brian Lebel's Old West Auction - June 23rd, 2018, Santa Fe, NM.
Sold $12,980